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Joey’s Tale: A Beloved Family Member

Guest Post by Sue Vosper

Joey is a miniature dachshund.  We don’t know when Joey’s birthday is, because she came to us through the OSPCA and we don’t know anything about her time before us.  Her exact age is not known either but we were told, and agree, that she was about six years old when we met her.  I first saw Joey on April 6 and she moved in with us on the 8th of that  month.  So, we have made April 8th her birthday.  Joey is now a spunky and sassy 18 year old.  She has lived with us for the past twelve years.

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Creative Watermelon Party Ideas with a Jewelry Making Bonus!

Guest Post by Jaselin Drown

Summer is the prime party season. Birthday, pool, holiday, you name it! Warm weather gives us an added reason to be outside and there’s only one thing perfectly positioned to help us recoverㅡwatermelon. Watermelon is not only good for hydrating, but also for relieving muscle soreness, so the bounce house beast won’t do too much damage if encountered at a birthday party. While it’s nutritional qualities make watermelon reign supreme as THE summer snack, it’s aesthetic makes it the pattern for everything under the sun. Notebooks, towels, pool floaties, even watermelon phone cases (which are almost as satisfying to look at as the real slices are to taste)! Watermelon is a summer symbol perfect for a party theme, simple but cute, and sure to make the actual fruit disappear. Tis the season to eat all things watermelon, and to decorate with them too!

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The Inspiration Behind the Children’s Book Character Phiggy the Piggy

By: Lee Ann Callaghan

The inspiration for the children’s book character Phiggy the Piggy started back in 2005 in a small Italian Restaurant in San Francisco. My friend and soul sister Dee Kennedy and I worked together at Café Pescatore near Fisherman’s Wharf. Since the day we met we were kindred spirits and had our own lingo to laugh and pass the down time. Everyone became a Petal, Pet, or a Phig. We created characters and passed notes to make each other laugh. And, suddenly together we created a character and named her Phiggy the Piggy.

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