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Now we can flock together!

Guest post by Candace Amarante

Writing children’s books about animals is usually considered a big “don’t”. On the one hand, nobody can rival big classics such as Aesop’s Fables, The Chronicles of Narnia or Gulliver’s Travels, on the other hand, whatever is imaginable about animals seems to have already been written: from singing lice to psychologically troubled crickets; you name it, you’ll find it! Yet, sometimes things have a way of coming together on their own …

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8 Great Safety Tips for Biking with Your Dog This Summer

Guest Post by Andrew McLoughlin

The summer weather is here at last, and many cyclists are looking forward to another season of sunshine, long rides over paths and trails, easier commutes to work, or just the simple freedom of heading out on the road. While it’s certainly tempting to bring your furry friends along for the ride, it isn’t without its share of risks. As activists for bicycle safety in all spheres, Bay Area Bicycle Law has put together this list of excellent safety tips for biking with your dog this summer to keep you and your canine companion safe and happy.

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7 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

Guest Post by Alexandra Seagal from Animalso

Most vets consider a dog to be “senior” at 7 years or older, though it does depend on size; small and toy breeds age more slowly and reach their senior years later in life. Animal shelters are full of healthy, active senior dogs who are often overlooked, as people tend to choose puppies and younger dogs. Older dogs can also make great pets, however, and they usually require less work from the owner.

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Staying sane as an advocate in the social media age

Guest blog by Michael Howie from The Fur-Bearers

Every advocate has been there: you make a comment on a news article, or on a social media post. You’re calm, articulate, and provide citations to back your position. You click ‘send’ and nod confidently to yourself, knowing you’ve contributed to a great intellectual debate that will turn hearts and minds to a more humane ideal.

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