Green Bamboo Publishing creates children’s books that empower kids and support community-based initiatives. Jasmine June Cabanaw initially founded Green Bamboo Publishing in 2014 as a way to raise funds for animal charities. She also wanted to provide education to children about caring for animals in a way that children could understand. The stories Green Bamboo publishes are light and fun, but touch on the important subjects of friendship, sharing, overcoming challenges, and loving one another despite our differences.

Our Mission:

To teach children everywhere that love is so powerful it transcends species.

We chose “Green Bamboo” as the name for our publishing company because this versatile grass enables hope, growth, and healing throughout the world. This is what our mission is about.

Our Policies:

Green Bamboo Publishing is committed to creating diversity and inclusion within the publishing world. Our authors and illustrators come from many walks of life. We like to champion the underdogs because we believe that those who tend to get overlooked often hold the keys to the greatest insights.

Green Bamboo Publishing is committed to being an eco-friendly company. We use print-on-demand for all our books, which reduces paper and trim waste and unused inventory. Print-on-demand means that our shipping times take a little longer than average, but we feel that the environment is worth it. We also make additional donations to environmental charities as a way to offset our carbon footprint.

Green Bamboo Publishing is committed to fundraising. The majority of the proceeds from our books sales are donated to animal rescue organizations and children’s charities. Green Bamboo Publishing also regularly sponsors charitable events.

Get Involved:

We like to create community, partner on projects, co-host events, and connect with our readers! We welcome guest blog posts and sponsorship opportunities. If you’d like to discuss ways to team up, please contact us at

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