Delightful Tales: Children’s Books About Animal Rescue

Did you know that your purchase helps save lives? Proceeds from our children’s books about animal rescue are donated to animal charities. Every book makes a difference!

You’re Invited to a Watermelon Party!


Green Bamboo Publishing began with the children’s book Watermelon Party. The story is based on a real event that happened at Rocky Ridge Refuge. On a summer’s day, the animals were given a tasty watermelon treat. One by one the animals gathered around the watermelon, sharing in its juicy sweetness side by side, despite their differences in species and size. It is the perfect story of friendship, love, animal rescue, and good, old summertime fun!

Proceeds from every book sale are donated to Rocky Ridge Refuge.

Our Commitment to People, Animals, and the Environment

All of our children’s books are tied to a mission to make the world a better place. We achieve this by emphasizing diversity within our books and among our authors, illustrators, and staff. We work with and support BIPOC, the LGBTQ community, minorities, and people who are often overlooked as the underdogs. We have a strong belief in empowering children and ensuring that children’s voices are heard.

The stories in our children’s books are centered around animal rescue.

We are committed to being an eco-friendly company. We use print-on-demand for all our books, which reduces paper and trim waste and unused inventory. Print-on-demand means that our shipping times take a little longer than average, but we feel that the environment is worth it. We do not use book jackets in order to reduce paper usage. We also make additional donations to environmental charities as a way to offset our carbon footprint.