Gracie is one of the animals included in the upcoming children’s book High Paw, Super Sebastian. This will be her picture-book debut and she will be helping children all over the world learn about rescue animals and the foster care system.

Adopting Gracie was one of the best decision’s Keila MacPherson has ever made. Keila wasn’t actively looking to adopt when she saw Gracie — she was just browsing — but when she saw this gorgeous calico cat she just knew they were meant to be in each other’s lives.

Keila adopted Gracie as an adult cat from the Humane Society, knowing very little of her past life with the previous owner. All she knew was that Gracie was surrendered because she needed surgery that the previous owners couldn’t afford. Gracie had contracted an infection in her urinary tract due to not being spayed or allowed to breed, which is not an uncommon occurrence in unspayed cats.

After bringing Gracie home, Keila immediately felt happier and that so much new joy was added to her everyday life. Gracie provides calmness when Keila has stress or anxiety. It’s like Gracie knows when Keila needs support and always comes over to lay on her lap when Keila needs it the most. Keila just feels happier with Gracie around.

This sentiment is definitely shared by Gracie, too. She’s a complete diva because she is a very spoiled and happy cat! She’s missing her bottom baby teeth, which causes her to have a little protruding bottom lip at times that looks like she’s pouting, which adds to her diva personality. Everyone who meets her loves this adorable look and points out how cute it is. Gracie takes full advantage of the attention and will purr like a monster truck instantly on receiving it.

Missing her bottom teeth doesn’t prevent Gracie from being playful — quite the contrary. She is a very chatty cat and loves being social. Her favourite kind of toys are sticks. Anything stick-shaped she loves to chase and bite. This includes her comb, nail files, pens and pencils, you name it! She also loves to snack and goes nuts when Keila opens a bag of chips. She specifically likes all-dressed flavoured chips, Goldfish crackers, and cookies. Certainly, her personality is as colorful as the markings of her calico coat.

Adopting An Older Cat

Keila always thought it was very important in her search for a furry companion to adopt adult animals. She feels like she is getting just as much joy from Gracie as she would have if she’d adopted a kitten, and there’s no doubt that Gracie is very happy now, too. Keila believes that everyone deserves a second chance at a happy life, including animals. Adopting rescue animals will give you a second chance at happiness, too, even if you didn’t know you needed it. There can be adjustment periods, you just have to be patient with them. Keila has found that it’s more than worth it.

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