There’s an important life lesson that’s one of our mantras at Green Bamboo Publishing: animals have a lot to teach us.

With all the war that exists and all the fear of other people because maybe they are “different” from what you know, it is always heartwarming to see that even in the animal world differences can be overcome.

Of course, the cutest instances of this are interspecies best friends. Sure, some of you must have a dog and a cat that get along, but what about a puppy and a capybara? Or a dog and a goat?


At Rocky Ridge Rescue, which is where our book Watermelon Party takes place, animal friendships abound! This refuge was the inspiration of one woman, Janice Wolf. The real beauty of her refuge is that she takes in sick, injured, and exotic animals that wouldn’t be accepted at other rescue centers. Maybe the animals realize the second chance they’ve been given, because they are all so keen on supporting one another!

While all of the animals at Rocky Ridge are special, a few stand out for their extra special personalities. For example, there is Cheesecake the capybara who loves to adopt puppies. Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world, and have very sweet and nurturing personalities. How fortunate that the orphaned puppies that come to Rocky Ridge are welcomed by a new mother? Sure, she may not be of the same species, but when it comes to being a good parent, it’s love that is the key ingredient anyway.


Another angel at Rocky Ridge is Butterbean, a bull terrier who likes animals with hooves. She’s got a baby goat that’s a best pal. They love to snuggle and play! And when Janice discovered that Bazinga the miniature horse had dwarfism, Butterbean was there to offer nurture and support. (Stay tuned to read more about it in the next book of our Rocky Ridge series).

There are so many things we can learn from Rocky Ridge Refuge. For one, that the power of a single person is greater than we realize. For two, that we should never let differences stand in the way of friendship and love.

If you’d like to donate to Rocky Ridge Refuge, please visit their website:

Proceeds from Watermelon Party are also being donated to Rocky Ridge Refuge. Click here to order your copy: Hard Cover or Soft Cover