Kids will learn about creative self-expression in this colorful children’s picture book about a pheasant that wanted the tail of a peacock.

Have you ever heard of a pheasant with the tail of a peacock? How does a pheasant end up with the tail of a peacock? If you don’t know, and would like to find out how one special bird found its true colors, read this tale of a tail…

About the Author: Candace Amarante is an artist-researcher specializing in writing children’s stories and plays. In most of her stories, she pursues two main goals: bringing awareness of children’s rights through the arts, and incorporating, in children’s literature, the voice of children with chronic illnesses. She holds a doctorate in political science from Columbia University, where she specialized in international relations, human rights, international law and peace studies. Currently, Candace resides in Montreal, where she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children.

About the Illustrator: Veronika Gruntovskaya is a Montreal based artist and illustrator who focuses on personalized art, wall murals and children’s book illustrations.

A portion of the proceeds from this book are donated to the Montreal Children’s Library.