Caine and Mabel tells the story of a young girl rescuing her new best friend. When Mabel’s best friend moves away, her parents decide to take a heartbroken Mabel to an animal shelter, where she meets several dogs in need of a home. The story not only illustrates how people can save animals in shelters, but how animals can also save people and help bring healing and happiness into their lives. This is the perfect children’s book for any child coping with moving away or making friends.

About the Author: Erica Larence is a graduate of Boston University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts where she received her Juris Doctorate. She is an advocate of animal rights and her rescue dog, Caine, is named after the Miami Hurricanes.

About the Illustrator: Vi Pham is an illustrator based in California, working primarily in children’s book. She enjoys making comics, storyboards and basically creating anything with a narrative.