Illustrated by a young man with autism, 99 Cents Short is a story about using teamwork to overcome obstacles. The story begins with Skunk, who notices a carnival sign posted on a tree in the woods. Can he find some friends to join him for an adventure at the carnival? Along the way, Skunk makes many friends, including Fish who is confined to a fish bowl. Creative silliness ensues as Skunk and his crew figure out how to get their differently-abled friend to the carnival.

About the Illustrator: Liam Campbell is a Cape Tech graduate. Diagnosed on the autism spectrum, Liam communicated by drawing until he started talking at age 8. He is currently working on a mural to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary.

About the Author: Thomas Campbell is an assistant football coach at Barnstable High School. For years he coached at Dennis-Yarmouth. The story for 99 Cents Short was inspired an old joke his father used to tell about several animals — a fish, a duck, a horse, a frog, a deer, and, of course, a skunk.