Welcoming a new addition into your family is a joyous event, but not always for everyone involved. Any pet owner and parent can relate: sometimes siblings do not want to get along.

In the children’s picture book Jordy the Jaguar author Meryl D. Day takes us into the home of Fred and Mary, and what happens when they decide to bring a new cat into their family. The existing family cat, Tallie, is not very thrilled to suddenly be sharing her home with a new sibling.

Jordy the Jaguar is a cute story of friendship and family, and is also a helpful tool for parents who are welcoming a new child into their home. Many children will relate to Tallie and the trouble she has with feeling jealous and having to share.

The book provides a valuable lesson for children: that being friends is more rewarding than being enemies. And also helps parents understand what older children may be going through when a younger sibling enters the picture.

In addition to the valuable lessons, the illustrations in Jordy the Jaguar are colorful and fun, and the story weaves through the book with a rhyme and cadence that children will delight in.

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