Jasmine Cabanaw

Jasmine is an award-winning writer who has worked at a variety of magazines and newspapers, including Animal Wellness Magazine, Juxtapoz, Arthur Newspaper, and the online belly dance magazine The Gilded Serpent. Several of her essays and short stories have been published in books and anthologies. Jasmine founded Green Bamboo Publishing as a way to combine her passion for writing with her goal of raising funds for animal charities.

John Moriarty

John is a commercial illustrator whose work has been used for book and movie covers, game cards, ads, posters, toys, concept art and websites. His illustrative work is done traditionally in acrylics, as well as digitally. He also has a degree in graphic design from the Hussian School of Art. Check out www.johnmoriartyart.com for more artwork featuring armored monkeys, goblins playing poker, and dragons!

Sara Ostrowska
Production Manager/Designer

Sara first met Jasmine when they worked together as co-editors at Arthur Newspaper. And they’re still a team! Sara’s specialties include designing covers and writing feature articles. She’s also the front singer for the band Television Rd.